Semalt: Creative Ways We Earn And Build Links On Your Site

Having links on your site is essential if you plan on ranking and maintaining your position on SERP. If you plan on building and establishing your authority in your industry, you must have high-quality and relevant links. While this may sound like general knowledge, it is pretty challenging to pull off, which is why Semalt has developed tactics to help. 

Accumulating high-quality and relevant inbound links to your website contributes significantly to building your website's authority. It also contributes to an increase in your organic search visibility and inbound traffic. 

It makes perfect sense that a website's authority and relevance will have a direct impact on the volume of other highly relevant and authoritative sites linked to it. Only websites with similar interests and values will relate to one another. 

Link building for SEO

E-A-T has become the standard for defining how optimized a website is for search engines. Authority plays a significant role in setting you and your brand apart. It is an indicator that you provide expertise and trustworthy content. So good, in fact, that other websites with authority rely on you to get credible information they use in developing content on their pages. 

Having links shows a relationship where both parties benefit from a boost in mutual authority. However, achieving this status is no simple task. Establishing authority and building relevant and high-quality links is difficult. Many times, it depends on several other factors besides having fantastic content. 

In this article, you will find creative ways we earn and build relevant and authoritative links that are beneficial to our client's websites.

How to earn and Build Quality links that contribute to your SEO

Produce unique research

Generally speaking, readers or your audience love it when they are shown a unique perspective of a topic. While the type and scope of your business matters a lot, businesses in particular industries are able to collect and analyze the data of your unique audience or the industry.

We source, categorize, analyze and organize data creating research content that will be appealing to your targeted audience. As we said, people love relevant research and new insights, which they use in comparison with their own. They place research side by side to gauge their own personal or business experience. 

Have you ever heard of BuzzSumo? They are one of the most used content research tools. This is one tool we use in generating quality content. With its huge database, it can produce useful digital marketing insights on how to write great headlines and how to create engaging content. 

These are the kinds of valuable articles our clients enjoy with us. 

Using Unique Images, Graphics, and Videos

The web is becoming more and more visual. Reading just texts can be tedious, so it's good to have unique images featured on your site. Having unique images and graphics can be critical in keeping readers engaged, and it goes a long way in attracting links. 

Original images and videos are far more effective than videos or images you download. This is because creating an image for your content ensures the image goes in line with the content. They also carry much more authority and authenticity. 

We always try our best to use original photos and images in your content whenever doing so is practical and possible. As a B2C or B2B business, using authorized photos of real people using the real product goes a long way in convincing your audience. Such photos give you a higher chance of establishing a connection with your audience, and it stands better chances of ending with an engagement of some sort.

Considering how fast social media found its way to our hearts, it is safe to assume that using human images to tell human stories is a wise marketing strategy. To make things more interesting, we can choose to promote your marketing videos via YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and more. The more social media platforms you're on, the better your chances of getting more engagements. 

Images and simple videos can also be embedded into your blogs or even the main website. Having other forms of content will boost interactivity and the entertainment value of your website. 

At the end of the day, having original, relevant, and quality videos, pictures, and graphics on your page gives you better chances of getting linked. 

Respond to the Popular Trends / Topics

Jumping on the hottest topics in your industry is one of the easiest ways to get organic views and links. Sharing your unique opinions and findings on trending topics, whether positive or negative, is another way you can build your authority. 

You can share these opinions via blog posts, podcasts, videos, episodes, or you can use several content formats in one post. 

To find the right topic, we discover and follow the hottest topics using Google Trends. Several other tools also help us conduct relevant keyword-based hashtag searches. We can also turn to social media outlets like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and more. So long as there is an engaging audience, you're on the right path. 

Upon identifying a topic, we begin our research. 

Is this topic relevant to your brand? Will this topic contribute meaningfully to your audience? These questions are essential as they show us which topics to comment on and which topics to ignore. 

When responding, we ensure we provide authentic and comprehensive responses, and we link to other relevant content that has been published by you or any other relevant source. Our main objective is to provide your readers and listeners with an unbiased and 360 degrees view of the topic. We ensure that your knowledge, authority, and expertise are reiterated in the response. 

We then publish and distribute your opinions through the relevant industry channels, social media, and on your blog. We target relevant audiences so we can generate the most inbound traffic, shares, and comments. 

Offer free tools

It is natural to seek free things. People are always looking for the most cost-effective alternatives. Hence, they love it when they see free tips, solutions, tools, or templates. Providing tips to save time and guide them where they may need more knowledge or experience can get you top-notch links. 

When searching for any specific tool, we often click the first link that ranks organically because they have been deemed the best tools; what that also means is that they have been linked several times in many articles because of their value.

If in your industry you've found certain tools to be quite useful, consider sharing your experience using those tools via the resource section within your website. From our experience, we create content that has rich and optimized keywords in them to surround the free tools or templates you offer, so readers can get a complete image of the message we're trying to pass across. Search engine crawlers also use context in understanding the overall message. 

Once you have the content in place, consider promoting the content via platforms you know readers will link and share.  


If you've tried generating links yourself, you will understand that it isn't as straight forward as we make it sound. As professionals, we've done the same "link chasing" routine for years, so we understand how it goes. 

First timers often approach this process with a different view. While doing all the tips we mentioned above helps, you should consider using a professional to get quality links. 

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